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Right: A Shaolin Temple monk inspects
 the new paint job on the belltower

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Zen is known for rejection of reliance on written texts.  In spite of this, monks are well versed in Buddhism's ideas and texts.  It's the old story of knowing the rules before you break them.  Read Zen attempts to cover the basics in an entertaining way while intermediate practitioners can skip through this section quickly.

About Zen Buddhism

Very brief history of ZenConcepts of ZenZen TermsLighter side of ZenZen and TaoismZen & Buddhist TextsCause and Effect

Historical Zen Masters

The lamp of Zen enlightenment has been passed down from person to person from the Buddha to today.  Along the way, some particularly impressive Zen Masters have appeared.  These people show us what we can achieve in this very life.  Here are a few:

Daruma, Bohdidharma, many names for this brilliant guyZen Master HuinengZen Master Empty Cloud

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