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Here are some web sites I think are worth visiting if you're interested in Zen

Buddha's Light are part of the Linchi (Rinzai) Zen school.  Their HQ is in Taiwan, featuring a giant Buddha Statue and a Buddha tooth relic that are some of Taiwan's biggest tourist attractions.

The Australian branch of the same group is at:

Hsu Yun (Empty Cloud) Buddhist Association, are obviously from Empty Cloud's lineage. 
At the site, you can get a lot more detail on the fantastic life story of this modern Zen Master

Daily Zen.   A great site of Quotes and more

E-Sangha  A General Buddhist information, discussion, library and contact resource

World religions resources and interfaith community: free books and writings of human spiritual and religious thought. Covering the major world religions of the world, alternative spiritual systems, and ancient mythologies.

Buddhist daily news and information, in German!

The Buddhist temple of Chicago, the oldest training zendo in North America with Zazen as the core practice.

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