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On his deathbed, the followers of Zen Master Takuan encouraged him to write a death poem, as was the custom at that time.  He declined at first but finally relented, writing the character for dream (), and immediately passing away.  He obviously didn't explain this, but it could be a reference to the Diamond Cutting Sutra.  To paraphrase:

Think of this fleeting world as:

A star a dawn
A bubble in a stream
A flash of lightening in a Summer cloud
A flickering lamp
A phantom and

A dream.

This wallpaper features that "poem", plus a view of a Zen Garden in the Kodai Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Click on the image that corresponds to your screen resolution.  If you don't know what that is, try 1024x768.  If it doesn't work, 800x600 probably will.

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Zen Garden Screen Saver
The wall of a Japanese temple displays images of Zen gardens (sample scene on the right).  Over 20 images in this version.  A lot more in the special members' version.  for that one, subscribe to the free newsletter (here) and download instructions will be emailed, with the other members' benefits.

Download by clicking here or on the monitor on the right.





14 Days of Zen (Beta)
This is some software I'm still developing.  Eventually it will be 365 Days of Zen and come with an installer.  For now it is 14 Days and you will need to install it yourself by downloading it directly to the place you want to run it from.  I recommend C:\Program Files\About\Zen , but anywhere is fine as long as you don't move it all the time.  you can uninstall simply by deselecting load at start up from the options menu and then deleting the file you downloaded.  It will leave 5, unimportant entries in your registry if you do this, but I don't see them causing you any problems.  If you wait a few months, I'll have an installer that will uninstall too. 

The program displays a Zen quote like the one pictured, every time you start your computer.  If you like the quote, you can set it as wallpaper, e-mail it to a friend or print it. 

This is Beta Software i.e. still being tested, so no promises.  Click here to download (about 4 minutes on a modem).

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