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A micro-Zen garden in a Kyoto cosmetics shop

Zen Gardens


Small version of the Zen garden for educational information at the Ryuan Temple, Kyoto.  Click for a larger view.

Probably Zen's most attractive aspect (aside from the meaning of life) is the famous 'Zen Gardens'.  Over 500 years before the development of "Modern Art", monks were saying things with metaphor in the temple dirt.  In Japanese, they are call KareSanSui (), Dry-Mountain-Water.

Making your own can be rewarding and it will serve as a reminder of your search for clarity every time you look at it.

There are a few "Do It Yourself" micro-Zen gardens for sale in the Zen Shop part of this web, but you make your own with materials from a gardening shop.  If you make one and want to show it here, send me an image ( zen@aboutzen.info).  Some pet shops stock great looking pebbles for fish tanks that will work well.

The garden doesn't need to be perfectly designed, just sincere.  Make sure not to think too much when you arrange the stones.  It is important to enjoy the making of it as much as the result.



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