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Zen garden in Kodai Temple, Kyoto, Japan
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One day, in ancient India, the Buddha was giving a teaching to his followers.  On this day however, instead of a verbal teaching, he simply held up a flower.  One of his disciples, Mahakasyapa, smiled.  The Buddha said:  "Today, I gave a silent teaching and Mahakasyapa alone understood it."

This was the birth of Zen.

Since that time, the Buddha's message has been transmitted from person to person right up to today's modern masters.  This site explains the Zen path to Enlightenment.

Read Zen: You will never make sense of Zen without some grounding in Buddhism.  Read Zen is a crash course.
Perceive Zen:  Zen described without logically structured information.  Includes Zen garden & Zen art.
Do Zen: Information and advice on practicing Zen in your life. 
 Includes Zen meditation, Zen temples & teachers

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